KG’s Healthier Coconut Macaroons

Delicate Pink Coconut Macaroons - The Perfect Afternoon Delight!

Delicate Pink Coconut Macaroons – The Perfect Afternoon Delight!

Hubs and I were born and raised in Florida – home to crazy alligators, blood-thirsty mosquitoes, and almost unbearable humidity. Of course, Florida does have a few things going for it (beautiful beaches, rivers and fresh-water springs; world-renown theme parks and attractions; and the best university in the USA – the University of FloridaGo Gators!).

Florida is also home to Publix Grocery Stores. Publix is so wonderful the chain had expanded to other nearby southern states including a few (but not nearly enough) stores in North Carolina where we live now. Growing up, I took Publix for granted. I figured all grocery stores were the same. Now I realize that Publix is unique among grocery chains. And I miss Publix’s wide selection, excellent generics, polite employees, and (I really miss) their phenomenal baked goods.
Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 1.22.45 PM
Hubs and I have chosen an appropriately Florida-centric colors+theme for our daughter’s first birthday party – pink and green alligators in the Swamp. Planning her party has me feeling especially nostalgic about the Publix bakery. I wish we could just walk in and grab one of their amazing birthday cakes (oh my goodness their buttercream frosting is everything!).  As it stands, I’ll be baking her cake and the party cupcakes myself (I love to bake but it will be more stressful due to family we’ll be entertaining that week and given the other menu items I’ll also have to prepare). I also regret that I can no longer just run down to nearest local grocer and grab a couple dozen amazing Publix fresh-baked cookies for her party. My favorite Publix baked goods are their cookies, especially their coconut macaroons. These cookies are like  a decadent slice of Florida in a super-sweet, extremely moist and huge cookie. Crispy underneath and chewy in the center, packed with intensely satisfying coconut-ty flavor and a kiss of almond, Publix macaroons may, in fact, be my favorite cookie of all time.

A Plate Full of Delicious (If not Very Healthful) Publix Macaroons

A Plate Full of Delicious (If not Very Healthful) Publix Macaroons

I’ve eaten many (many) Publix macaroons over the years. But I haven’t enjoyed one for several years now. Not only because their are so few Publix stores in our area, but because I’m keenly aware that those cookies are on the unhealthier side – full of refined sugars (and possibly even sweetened condensed milk). According to the nutritional and allergen info provided by Publix (here), their macaroons contain a whole laundry list of allergens – dairy, soy, wheat/gluten and tree nuts (as well as egg whites which along with coconut is the foundation of any macaroon recipe).

My recipe also contains egg whites but none of the other unpleasant, allergenic stuff. They’re whipped up pretty quickly. And this recipe makes a lot, nearly twice as many macaroons as most of the recipes I found online (most recipes you’ll find make about 18 cookies) so I was able to make half plain and half with Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips. Most importantly, everyone in our house loves them! My chocoholic mother even said she prefers the macaroons without chocolate chips. I like them both ways and predict your family will as well.

I had 2 brands of unsweetened shredded coconut, so I used both.

• 4 Cups shredded unsweetened coconut
• 1 cup coconut sugar
• 1/4 cup local honey (preferably raw) or additional ½ cup coconut sugar
• ¼ tsp. Pure Stevia Extract (optional)
• ½ tsp. baking soda
• 2 Tbsp. tapioca starch
• 4 large egg whites, at room temperature
• ¼ tsp. salt
• ¼ tsp. cream of tarter
• 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
• ½ tsp. almond extract (scant, this is strong stuff, so don’t overdo it)
• 1 cup Enjoy Life dark chocolate mini chips (optional but yummy)

• Small and large mixing bowls
• Measuring cups + spoons
• Hand mixer or stand-up mixer
• 2 Large baking sheets
• Parchment paper or 2 sil-pat sheets
• Silicone spatula or “spoonula”
• 1 oz. Cookie scoop

Pretty in Pink Macaroons A Test Run Before the Big Party

Pretty in Pink Macaroons
A Test Run Before the Big Party

1. Preheat oven to 300° Fahrenheit (149° Celsius), and cover 2 baking sheets with parchment paper. Then set prepped pans aside.
2. In a large mixing bowl, stir together coconut, baking soda, tapioca starch, Stevia (if using) and sugar.
3. Put egg whites and salt into a separate very clean non-reactive bowl (ceramic works well). Be sure to save those healthful yolks for later use.
4. Using a hand mixer or stand-up mixer. Beat egg whites on HIGH setting until foamy. Then add vanilla and almond extracts.
5. Continue beating egg whites on HIGH until they reach soft peaks. Then add food coloring if desired. Beat on HIGH for another minute or 2 longer until egg whites reach firm peaks stage.
6. Using silicone spatula, carefully fold egg whites into coconut mixture. Take your time and fold in slowly (you want to avoid deflating the egg whites).
7. If using chocolate chips, add now using same silicone spatula. Gently stir until well combined.
8. Using a 1 oz. cookie scoop, scoop batter onto prepared cookie sheets about 1” apart.
9. Bake for 25-30 min in preheated (300° F, 149° C) oven.
10. Allow cookies to cool about 10-15 minutes before removing from baking sheets. And allow to (if you’re self-restraint allows).
~Makes about 32 macaroons
NOTES: I like to store baked and cooled macaroons in the refrigerator in a Tupperware or other airtight container. They’ll keep that way for about a week, but I anticipate that they’ll be eaten long before the week is up! And, stay tuned for more posts related to our party prep as we get closer to her birthday in October.

Wisdom for the Day:
Go back to your homes, and prepare a feast. Bring out the best food and drink you have, and welcome all to your table, especially those who have nothing. This day is special. It is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve over your past mistakes. Let the Eternal’s own joy be your protection! ~Nehemiah 8:10 (The Voice)
Read more here.

Beauty Resource of the Day:
These days, I am all about anti-aging. Sadly, I had some very aging-advancing habits in my younger, more foolish days including (but not limited to): years of visiting tanning salons, spending hours baking in the bright Florida sun and (worst of all) smoking. Now that I’m 40, those bad behaviors are catching up to me and seem to show on my skin. The following video from very beautiful Angie of Hot & Flashy describes her top 5 recommended habits for anti-aging along with product suggestions to help you easily make those tricky-to-adopt lifestyle changes. Angie is a role model for aging beautifully. Enjoy!

Save Your Money – Toddler Veggie Tots or Puffs

On the Left: Money-Saving Veggie Puffs On the Right: Dr. Praeger's Spinach Littles

Left: My Homemade Veggie Puffs. Right: Dr. Praeger’s Spinach Littles

I have a secret. I’m completely addicted to toddler food. Actually, it’s just 1 particular toddler food.
For years now, I’ve been loving these Dr. Praeger’s Spinach and Broccoli Littles. Love. Love. LOVE. Them. I’ll drive way out of my way to find these “little” veggie+potato treats, and cheerfully pay more than $5 per 10 oz. box (I usually purchase 4 to 5 boxes at a time since they’re hard to find in my area) to feed my habit.

My love affair with Dr. Praeger’s products began several years ago. After several years of “healthy” vegan eating, I developed a severe allergic reaction to the soy-based meat substitutes I was eating on a regular. So when I first spotted these non-GMO, soy-free alternatives at Whole Foods, I grabbed them up and was quickly hooked. When I was pregnant and craving these tasty little buggers, I even sent Hubs up to the nearest Whole Foods (over an hour each direction) to score a few boxes for me! I have such a wonderful husband!

I love them because they’re green and filled with non-GMO green veggies and potatoes. They’re certified gluten-free (and in fact, contain no grains whatsoever). There’s nothing funky or nasty in them (save for some canola oil which admittedly is not the best, but at least it’s not hydrogenated or full of trans fats); no grains or gluten (they’re certified gluten-free); and no dairy or soy. They’ve got some protein in there too, thanks to the inclusion of egg whites. And they just taste great! They’re fun to eat and just make me feel good. But since I’m an adult (not the target market), I tend to eat a bunch of them (when I have them). So, keeping my “Littles” supply stocked can be rather expensive.

Recently Hubs and I were stocking up, and I was overcome with a bit of buyer’s remorse. As I emerged from the store’s freezer holding 5 boxes of assorted Dr. P.’s Littles, I made the following off-hand remark. “These things are ridiculously expensive. I bet I could make them, or something very similar.” Since Hubs manages the grocery budget, he was immediately excited by my comment. I, on the other hand, was immediately regretful I’d said something so foolish, thinking “I could never make anything as delicious as my beloved Dr. P’s.” I reluctantly agreed to try to create a recipe similar too my beloveds but insisted we purchase the 5 boxes I was holding “you know, just so I have something to compare my own recipe to.” Gotta love that rationalization there.
Hub agreed, and I began searching the all-knowing Internet for some sort of “Dr. Praeger’s Littles” dupe recipe. I quickly found several recipes posted on various Pinterest boards, all of which claimed to be dupes. Sadly, each one of those recipes included cheese, lots of cheese, sometimes 2 types of cheese in a single recipe. Ugh! Since dairy is a deal-breaker for me, I decided to wing it, and try to create something yummy using the same ingredients listed on the box (but subbing extra virgin avocado oil for the aforementioned canola. And I used tapioca powder instead of arrowroot because that’s all I had, but either would work well).
I’m excited about the following recipe for a few reasons. First, I’m excited because these little puffs taste really good, and because I envision them saving us some grocery money. I really enjoy eating them, and (even more importantly), my daughter likes to eat them too. Woohoo! Score one for Mommy! I’m also excited to share a recipe that features spinach, which is #8 on HealthGrove’s list of the top 30 foods for beautiful skin and hair. For those of you who are unaware, I’ve been posting a series of #Whole30-compliant and #paleo-correct recipes based on that HealthGrove list. Spinach is a favorite in our house. It’s literally our daughter’s favorite food which makes me very happy because spinach is such an amazing food. These mild leafy greens are an excellent source of folate, Folate, Magnesium, Potassium and many awesome antioxidant and beautifying vitamins (including: Vitamins A, B2, C, E, and K). You can read all about Popeye’s power source here. If you’re interested in reading the whole list of 30 best foods for beauty, you can find the full list here. And if you’ve missed any of the previous recipes in this series, be sure to check out the list and links at the bottom of this post.

• ½ sweet onion diced + ¼ cup chicken or vegetable broth (optional)
• 14 oz. bag frozen chopped spinach, defrosted and well-drained
• 1•½ cup liquid egg whites (roughly the whites from 12 large eggs)
• 3 cups cooked finely diced or shredded potatoes, divided
• 1 Tbsp. sea salt
• 20 cranks of crushed black pepper
• ¼ – ½ tsp. garlic powder or 1-2 whole, peeled garlic cloves (according to taste; I recommend using ¼ tsp. if using onion)
• 1•½ cup potato flakes (For this and all my #Whole30 recipes, I recommend these flakes from Bob’s Red Mill because those are the only potato flakes I’ve found that are 100% dehydrated potatoes without dextrose or any unapproved additives)
• 2 Tbsp. tapioca starch
• 4 Tbsp. chia seeds
• Nonstick coconut oil spray
• 2 Tbsp. extra virgin avocado or olive oil
• Powerful blender or food processor (I used our Vitamix, and it worked really well)
• Measuring cups + spoons
• 2 Baking pans (I used 2 mini muffin tins) coated with nonstick coconut oil
• 1 Large mixing bowl
• 2 Microwave-safe bowls (medium and small)
• 1 oz. cookie scoop
• Oven

1. If including onion in your veggie tots, cut onion into slices. Then transfer onion to a small microwave-safe bowl along with ¼ cup broth. Cover bowl with a paper towel and microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes. Remove bowl from microwave and set aside.
2. Place 3 cups diced or shredded potatoes into a larger microwave-safe bowl. Cover with paper towel and microwave on HIGH for 5 minutes. Remove bowl from microwave and set aside.
3. Pour the following ingredients into the canister of a powerful blender or food processor with ‘S’ blade attached: cooked onion mixture; drained spinach or greens; shredded, 2 cups diced (or shredded) potatoes; sea salt; black pepper; and garlic (if using). Place lid on food processor or blender. Then process/blend on LOW setting about 30 seconds or until mixture is liquified and thoroughly combined. Pour mixture into a very large mixing bowl.
4. In a separate bowl, sift together potato flakes, tapioca starch; and chia seeds. Then add this mixture to the spinach mixture, along with remaining 1 cup diced or shredded potatoes. Stir well to thoroughly combine. Cover bowl with aluminum foil and refrigerate batter for 30 minutes (up to overnight).
5. When ready bake, preheat oven to 400° Fahrenheit (204° Celsius). And spray 2 large mini muffin tins with nonstick coconut oil spray. Then drizzle 1 Tbsp. avocado oil over each of the pans. If using regular cookie sheets, cover sheet with parchment paper. Then lightly coat paper with nonstick spray and drizzle 1 Tbsp. oil over each pan. Set pans aside.
6. Using a 1 oz. cookie scoop, scoop batter into/onto prepared muffin tins or baking sheets. Sprinkle puffs lightly with more sea salt if desired.
7. Bake at 400° Fahrenheit (204° Celsius) for 35 minutes (mini-muffin tins) – 45 minutes (for puffs on cookie sheets).
While these little treats are technically #Whole30-compliant, they’re potato-heavy (i.e. high carbs). It’s best to think of these puffs as a starchy side dish, not a high-protein entrée. I recommend enjoying these treats in moderation and serving alongside a nice lean meat and toss salad. This recipe makes a ton, but these little puffs freeze well. If you do plan to freeze and reheat later, bake for just 30-35 minutes. Then allow cooked puffs to cool thoroughly before transferring to a large freezer bag. To reheat, remove puffs from freezer and allow to sit on counter until puffs reach room temperature. Then preheat oven to 400° F (204° C) and oil a baking sheet. Then place desired number of puffs of prepared baking sheet. Bake in preheated oven for about 10 minutes.

3 Little Veggie Puffs Just Begging to be Eaten!

3 Little Veggie Puffs Just Begging to be Eaten!

Wisdom for the Day:
“But God chose what the world considers nonsense to put wise people to shame. God chose what the world considers weak to put what is strong to shame. God chose what the world considers ordinary and what it despises—what it considers to be nothing—in order to destroy what it considers to be something.”
~I Corinthians 1:27-28 (God’s Word Translation) Read more here.

Beauty Resource of the Day:
You ever notice how all the YouTube beauty gurus are always raving the latest and greatest product roll-outs? It’s pretty rare to encounter a beauty review or tutorial video that really praises those products that have been around for years. So when I encounter a YouTuber who embraces oldy but goodies, I get excited and want to share it. Check out this full talk-thru tutorial as Emily Noel discusses (and demos) her favorite all-time drugstore products. Take notes because the products she recommends are excellent and bound to save you some money!

Check Out These Great Recipes from the (HealthGrove) Top 30 Foods for Beauty Series:
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Fix-It-And-Forget-It: Simply Beautiful Southern Greens Crockpot #WHOLE30 Compliant
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If you’ve followed this blog for a while or have read any recipes for beautiful skin and hair series, then you already know I’m really into cooking for beauty. Don’t get me wrong. I’m into external beauty products too. I desperately love cosmetics, makeup, hair products and beauty treatments of all kinds. My bathroom is literally overflowing with lotions and potions of all shapes, sizes and price points! But as the saying goes, beauty begins on the inside. And no amount of making up can disguise unhealthy insides. That’s especially true as we age. And I’ve found that after pregnancy, my body is far more likely to display outwardly any signs of dis-ease I may be experiencing inwardly. And since our baby girl has recently become independently mobile (translation lots more work for Mommy and Daddy to keep up with her), it’s definitely in my best interest to eat as healthfully as possible. So, I’ve been writing a series of recipes based on HealthGrove’s recent study identifying the top 30 foods for beautiful skin and hair (If you’ve missed any of the previous recipes from the series, do not despair. I’ve listed each of them below).

Fortunately for folks like me, the Internet offers tons of (mostly consistent) advice for those of us seeking the best foods to eat for health and beauty (including of course that recent HealthGrove study). Today’s recipe includes a veritable stockpile of beautifying ingredients including most notably #5 of HealthGrove’s list – PAPAYA.

Papaya - beautifying papaya!

Papaya – beautifying papaya!

When I discovered this article by the lovely Joy Bauer outlining the most important nutrients for anti-aging, I was inspired to begin using those nutrients in more recipes as well. However, because everyone in our household is sensitive gluten and dairy, I’ll obviously have to take a pass on the recipe she included in the article (no offense, Joy). So I decided to create my own recipe based around papaya and incorporating the other nutrients Ms. Bauer identifies as key for consumption. So here’s a rundown of nutrients this recipe offers:

Vitamin C – provided by the papaya, tomato and broccoli slaw. For more on the beautifying antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C, check out this article and recipe for #whole30 compliant #paleo and #vegan (and super-yummy) Strawberry Vinaigrette.
Vitamin E – in the extra virgin olive, coconut and avocado oils as well as in the walnuts
Beta-carotene (Vitamin A) – from the carrots and the broccoli slaw (as seen on the package)

Broccoli slaw is not only an antioxidant fest. It's also quick and ready in an instant!

Broccoli slaw is not only an antioxidant fest. It’s also quick and ready in an instant!

Selenium – provided by the Brazil nuts in the dressing. Did you know that Brazil nuts are in fact the #1 food source of selenium?
Omega3 fatty acids – from the walnuts and/or salmon if you choose
Lycopene (bonus nutrient) – lycopene has been shown in recent studies to protect skin against sun-related aging and sun damage. This recipe provides lycopene from 2 sources – EVOO and fresh tomato. Plus, this recipe is easily adjusted to suit vegans, vegetarians, paleo-types and folks actively doing #whole30. It’s quick and easy to prepare and (perhaps) most importantly, it tastes really good. Whoop! Whoop!

For the Salad –
• 1 whole papaya
• 1-12 oz. bag broccoli or cabbage slaw
• 1 bunch fresh cilantro
• 1 whole tomato
• 2 carrots
• 1 medium jalapeno or Serrano chili pepper
• ½ cup chopped raw cashews or walnuts (I used cashews)

Protein Options –
• About 2 cups cooked, shredded chicken (bones, skin and excess fat removed)
• 1 large (14.5 oz.) can wild Alaskan pink salmon, drained
• 8 hardboiled eggs, diced
• 8 eggs, scrambled and chilled
• 2 cups cooked then chilled garbonzo beans (if using canned, drain and rinse very well)
• 2 cups cooked then chilled lentils

For the Dressing –

• 4 dates, soaked at least 4 hours (see comment below)+++
• 2 garlic cloves
• 6 whole Brazil nuts
• 1 tsp. iodized sea salt
• 1 tsp. hot sauce (optional but recommended for best flavor. I like )
• 1 tsp. spicy mustard (NOT Dijon if doing #WHOLE30, see comment below)+++
• ½ tsp. minced lemongrass or 1” knob peeled fresh ginger root, diced
• ¼ cup lime juice
• ¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice (I used OJ)
• 4 Tbsp. Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos Sauce, divided
• ¼ cup extra virgin coconut oil
• ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) or extra virgin avocado oil
• 2 Tbsp. dark (toasted) sesame oil

+++When doing #WHOLE30, it’s very important you get into the habit of checking the ingredient lists of any foods you plan to eat or use when cooking. Many dried fruits (including certain brands of dates) are processed with sulfites which are also not permitted for consumption during #WHOLE30, so be sure to check the dates before you purchase/use them. Also, most Dijon mustards contain white wine which is also not approved for consumption during WHOLE30, which is why you’ll want to use spicy mustard instead. For a complete list of #WHOLE30 program do’s and don’ts as well as answers to just about any #WHOLE30 questions you may have, I highly recommend you check out the program rules here and other resources available at WHOLE30’s website to educate yourself prior to beginning your own #WHOLE30 journey or whenever you have questions or need some support.

• One or two cutting boards
• A sharp chef’s knife
• A pair of disposable gloves
• A sharp vegetable peeler
• A large mixing bowl
• Powerful blender (I used the Nutribullet Pro 900)
• Salad spinner (optional)
• A large spoon or spoonula

1. Prepare dressing as follows: Drain dates and discard soaking liquid. Place dates, 2 Tbsp. Coconut Aminos (reserving 2 Tbsp. for later use) and all other dressing ingredients into canister of blender. Place lid on blender and process on HIGH until dressing is very smooth and no visible chunks or pieces of ingredients are visible. Remove lid and test for seasonings. Adjust to taste. (I found that dressing was appropriately seasoned without adjustments but add salt or additional spices to your preferences.) Then pour dressing into a jar or bottle. Cover with lid and store in refrigerator until ready to use. Note, this recipe makes about 2 cups (scant) of dressing and may be made up to 3 days in advance. It will keep for about 1 week in the refrigerator.
2. Wash and dry all vegetables, including cilantro. If you have a salad spinner, place washed cilantro in spinner and spin until dry. If you don’t have (or don’t wanna use) a salad spinner, simply placed washed cilantro on a clean kitchen towel and pat dry.
3. Using vegetable peeler, peel carrots and papaya.
N.B. Trust me on this one! I tried cutting half the papaya without peeling it first (I figured I’d cut it like an avocado, scoring it and removing the peel afterwards). No dice! It was a disaster trying to get the peel off, and I nearly removed my fingertips along with the peel! With the 2nd half I got smart and peeled it first. What a difference. I finished chopping it in half the time and with no near-death experiences.
4. Finely chop the washed and dried cilantro. Then transfer it to mixing bowl. Next chop the papaya and all the vegetables (except pepper) into roughly equal bite-sized chunks and place into mixing bowl.
5. Put on gloves. Cut pepper in half and remove all seeds, stem and membranes. IMG_3447
Then chop pepper into very small pieces. Place in mixing bowl with other ingredients. Carefully remove gloves and immediately wash your hands. Try not to touch your face or anyone else before taking off, disposing of gloves and washing your hands. Also I used a separate cutting board just for the pepper and washed the cutting board and knife before removing the gloves.
6. Open bag of broccoli slaw and dump into mixing bowl along with other ingredients excepts nuts, dressing and remaining 2 Tbsp. Coconut Aminos. Then add dressing and stir well to combine. If everyone in your household wants the same protein option, then feel free to stir it in at this point. Otherwise, wait and serve several protein options along side Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving.
7. Just before serving, stir in remaining 2 Tbsp. Coconut Aminos and nuts.
8. Serve with multiple protein options (unless you already stirred proteins into salad). Example in our house both my mother and my Hubs selected shredded leftover rotisserie chicken. But I selected salmon as my protein of choice for some extra Omega-3 fatty acids. Additional garnishes include chopped avocado or Wholly Guacamole, bean sprouts and sunflower sprouts. Enjoy!



Wisdom for the Day:
Today I read the following quote:
“Biblical orthodoxy (hypocritical religiosity) without compassion is surely the ugliest thing in the world.” ~Francis Schaeffer And I was struck by the brilliance and simplicity of that statement. Surely a compassionate heart is an essential component of beauty. What if we made the choice to put on love and compassion the same way we put on makeup? The Bible says that we can in this passage from ~Colossians 3:12-13 (ESV)
Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. Read more here. I encourage you to spend a few moments each morning imagining yourself putting on love and compassion, like you’re applying makeup or sunscreen. Surely we need to apply God’s love and compassion daily as the most important and effective beauty treatment!

Beauty Resources for the Day:
Want more info on what to eat for anti-aging benefits? Check out this slideshow from the folks at Total Beauty (Hint: if you consume this dressing on a regular you can cross slide #7 off your to-eat list).

Check Out These Great Recipes from the (HealthGrove) Top 30 Foods for Beauty Series:
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