WHOLE30 Day#1 – What Was I Thinking?

It’s 7:30 on a Friday, and I’m not happy. I have a splitting headache, a pretty wicked case of PMS (or whatever it’s called when your period has actually started) as well as a really weird taste in my mouth, and I’m not all that interested in dinner.

Ordinarily, this is my favorite day of the week. Hubs comes home early from work and helps with baby care. We have “breakfast for dinner,” and we watch a movie. The weekend stretches out before us with the promise of extra sleep and free time as a family. But tonight it’s different because Hubs and I have undertaken the WHOLE30 challenge for the month of April 2016. Neither one of us is in a very good mood, and neither one of us is terribly excited about breakfast for dinner without buttery toast with jelly or pancakes. We’re both having cravings. Hubs is seriously craving sugar. I’m seriously craving artificial sweeteners which I’ll admit to having consumed in ever-increasing quantities over the years – sprinkling those little packets over everything from coffee to fruit to salad (Don’t judge! A little Stevia mixed with dijon makes a mighty fine low-cal honey mustard dressing, but I digress). I’m also yearning for my beloved sugar-free “tropical” flavored popsicles with their neon (artificial) colors and bizarrely satisfying chemically concocted tartness.

As I sit here, pondering my suffering and feeling terribly sorry for myself I happen to glance at my daughter happily playing beside me in her little infant chair. She giggles spontaneously as she tosses her beloved butterfly toy and it makes a noise that delights her. Suddenly, I am reminded by my daughter’s laughter as to why we committed to the WHOLE30, what we were thinking in the first place. We wanted to invest 30 days of effort and discomfort in order to feel better in the long run, in order to build ourselves up and equip ourselves for the long haul of parents. That’s my motivation. That is my intention. I want to be a healthier, more energetic mother. I am willing to do without some things for 30 days. I am willing to do the work to prune away the bad habits and unhealthy junk that I’ve accumulated in order to become a better mom in the long term.

The wise woman builds her house. But the foolish tears it down with her own hands.
~ Proverbs 14:1 (NASB)
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