WHOLE30 Day #8 – One Week Down!!!

Mommy's Tired!
Well, we’ve completed a full week of our WHOLE30 journey. Seven days down and 23 more to go. As I pause to take stock and savor this accomplishment, I am struck by one overwhelming realization – I am completely and totally exhausted. I mean I’m tired like down into my bones. I’m so tired sometimes it feels like extra work to sit in the chair and breathe.

My primary job every day is taking care of our nearly 6-month old baby, cook and take care of the home, etc. I’m also blessed to have the help of my mother who lives with us. Her assistance is especially wonderful these days with my energy waning. I find myself craving a nap every day and trying to power through with alternate nostril breathing and coffee. It takes all the strength I’ve got to complete my daily yoga sessions, and I seem be more sore afterwards. Luckily, I’m still able to do my MUTU Core Exercises every day which is extremely important to me because I’ve seen such amazing results in reversing my diastase recti (AKA the “mummy tummy”) I developed during my pregnancy.

I can’t imagine how Hubs is managing his work load. I am grateful for his attitude. He continues to encourage me through the process and reminds me that according to the WHOLE30 authors, this fatigue has arrived right on scheduled and is expected part of the 30-day timeline.

Wisdom for the Day:
Behold, God is my helper; The Lord is the sustainer of my soul.
~Psalm 54:4 (NASB)
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