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Which Mini Palette Is "Right" for You?

Which Mini Palette Is “Right” for You?

I’ve resisted joining the whole eyeshadow palette craze. Sure I’ve been tempted by the latest, most buzzed about launches (my obsession with YouTube beauty vloggers doesn’t help with the temptation). More than once I’ve found myself drawn like a moth to the flame of the glitzy displays for the newest Urban Decay, Tarte or Anastasia palettes. I can’t seem to resist sticking my fingers into those glistening powders and swatching them on my hand or wrist (side note – that can’t be very hygienic for folks who actually test those display shadows on their eyes. I’m sure I’m not the only one sticking my fingers in those things!).

Anyway, a few years ago I tried dipping my toes into the palette waters when I blind-purchased the first Naked Basics palette, basically an all-matte baby version (containing 6 shades vs. the 12 shadows in Urban Decay’s original Naked). After all the buzz surrounding UD’s Nakeds, I was really eager to try out the formula, but I was – quite frankly – disappointed. Based on Sephora’s reviews this product (which convinced me to buy Basics in the first place), it appears I’m the only person who doesn’t love this little guy. I was super excited when I received my Basics palette, expecting to fall in love. I tried to love it. I honestly did. I applied the shadows over a varied assortment of different shadow primers and with the best brushes I could afford. At one point of desperation, I tried applying the shadows with my fingers, thinking that was perhaps the key to achieving better color payoff and blending. It wasn’t. Regardless of application method and the primer underneath, I still have trouble building up any noticeable color with the Basics shadows. On my skin, the colors are beyond “naked.” They’re more like invisible. So, my Naked Basics experience left me a bit palette-shy and unwilling to drop even more money. Plus, the idea of spending upwards of $50 for eyeshadow just seems ridiculous to me, especially if there’s a chance I won’t like it. All that to say I haven’t purchased any shadow palettes….until recently.

A few days ago, I was minding my own business, leisurely wandering through my local ULTA when I stumbled upon a great big shiny display of LORAC Pro palettes (BTW did you know LORAC = Carol spelled backwards, named for the brand’s founder, Carol Shaw). There they were – 3 different curated sets of mostly neutral shadows all lined up, just begging to be swatched (like in this pretty pic from mary82martin on ULTA’s page for this product:

LORAC Pro Palettes 1-3 As pictured by mary82martin

LORAC Pro Palettes 1-3
As pictured by mary82martin

They’re beautiful aren’t they? The display beckoned to me, and I figured no harm in playing around with the shadows. After all, some earnest ULTA staffer had taken the time to set up this appealing display. The least I could do is check it out, right? Holy mackerel! I was blown away. The color payoff was amazing, especially for the metallic shades. The shimmery shades felt incredibly creamy to the touch and left a nearly opaque swatch with just one swipe. Because we’re currently saving up for Baby Girl’s first birthday party, I fought the urge to grab one of the LORAC palettes and tossing that bad boy into my giant ULTA bag (also TBH I couldn’t decide which iteration of Pro Palette I preferred, so that sort of discouraged me from purchasing one as well).

After several minutes spent playing with the beautiful shadows, I finally tore myself away and continued my stroll through the designer makeup section. Just a few minutes later I (somehow) found myself facing the main LORAC section and discovered this little beauty:

LORAC Pocket Pro

LORAC Pocket Pro


These shadows are VERY pigmented, so I buffed and blended out the final look to make it more daytime-appropriate.

“It’s so cute,” I exclaimed as I immediately began sticking my fingers into the 3 buttery soft, glistening powders. Just as soft and pigmented as the full-sized palette and only $18! I thought. “I HAVE to get this,” I explained to my husband (who was, to his chagrin accompanying on this ULTA safari). He nodded, recognizing it was futile to argue. I think he was just relieved that I didn’t try to justify spending the $44 for one of the full-sized Pro palettes. The next morning I awoke excited to try out my new shadows. I was then and am still very pleased with my $18 purchase. I definitely got my money’s worth. I easily achieved a nice daytime look with these 3 nicely-sized pans of taupe shades, and I snapped this pic of my eyes a few hours after application.

Each of these 3 shadows in LORAC’s Pro Basics have varying levels of shimmer, but they’re creamy, not glittery or chunky. I was pleased that the shimmer is easily muted and appropriate for daytime wear. And the pigmentation is outstanding! A note about my application “technique” – I freely admit that I’m no makeup artist. I’m still trying to learn the right shadow application technique. Don’t come to me looking for a tutorial on a 5-minute cut crease application. I’ll point you in the direction of some actual makeup artists. God knows there’s a ton of ’em on YouTube these days! I’m just a regular makeup geek searching for the best colors and formulations for my skin tone/type and the most flattering products for my facial features. I imagine I’m not the only woman who loves  makeup despite lacking a professional makeup artist’s skill set. So when I find an easy-to-use makeup product that allows me (and my novice-level skills) to achieve an attractive finished look, I feel it’s my duty to share with others.

So, if you haven’t tried LORAC’s shadow palettes, you’re in the market for an everyday, high-quality shadow palette or are in the market for something new but you can’t afford the standard $45+ per price tag, I encourage you to give these Pocket Pros a whirl. Two color/shade options are available. The one I have is cooler, more taupe-colored with nearly purple undertones. The Pocket Pro 2 is warmer with golden and red undertones. So, there’s a color option for all skin tones. They’re both highly pigments with varying amounts of shimmer. I think you’ll be pleased on the return for your $18 investment.

Beauty Resource of the Day:
Do you love Naked Basics and completely disagree with my review? Hey that’s cool. Lots of people love it, including the adorable and fabulously authentic Serein Wu of Dress Yourself Happy. In the following video she provides individual reviews and recommendations for each of UD’s now 6 Nakeds palettes. If you are or have considered purchasing one of these phenomenally successful palettes but are unsure about which one to get (or which one to buy next – no judgement) please watch this video. Her recommendations are super helpful and could save you some money. She could have saved me some money if I’d watched this before purchasing the Basics palette, I’d have saved my money for a full-sized Naked Smokey palette. Oh well. Live and learn, and buy more makeup!

Wisdom for the Day:
“Without advice plans go wrong, but with many advisers they succeed.” ~Proverbs 15:22 (God’s Word Translation)
Read more here.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my product reviews. All reviews are based on my own opinion, personal use and results.

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