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How to Remove Hard Film from Powder Foundation, Blush or Bronzer

This is a terrific video for anyone who has thrown away a half-used powder foundation compact, or for those who (like me) have 2 or 3 such compacts stashed around the bathroom because you just can’t bring yourself to toss them. I hate that! For some reason I’ve encountered this a few times with Pur Minerals powders.
That can be such a fantastic all-in-one product and is virtually allergen free. For fuller coverage, I especially love this powder over a good, high SPF tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream. But when that slick, shiny film forms atop the powder – it’s practically unusable. Still, at nearly $30 each, the prospect of throwing away 2/3 of the product is not okay with me.

Enjoy this quick process comparison and be sure to let us know your experiences if you try out one of these options.

Wishing you grace & peace in 2015!

~ KarenGinHD

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